Friday, June 8, 2007

Until Next Year, Aaron's!

Lancaster Reading (Catherine Powers) Lancaster Sprint How they Roll...
"Don't goooo, Catherine..."
Rebecca & Shannon hoisting their featherweight Specialized Ruby Pro bikes
The team departed this afternoon & I must admit, I was sad to see them go...
Catherine & Shannon returned this year with two new teammates, Sarah Caravalla & Rebecca Larson. Not only are these women consummate professionals & incredible athletes, they are truly fun to have around. It has been a pleasure & a privilege to host this awesome team again...
already looking forward to next year.
What to Expect When Hosting a Professional Cycling Team:
-More stinky bike laundry than you can handle (which you will graciously insist on washing, folding, sorting...because you genuinely want them to relax)
-Cooking for a crowd (no problem...again, you are more than happy to feed them healthy & tasty fuel for their training rides & return, they lavish your humble cooking with heartfelt praise & insist on doing the dishes. Nice!)
-Shop Talk (" mean you don't have to pay for your bikes, your gear, your entry fees, your travel expenses...Oh, yeah...that's what pro means.") Not to mention, helpful insight on racing, nutrition, training, and equipment...maybe even a little peloton gossip (OK, not really).
-Team swag (thanks for the super soft girly-fit Aaron's Pit Crew tee...I will proudly wear it Sunday as we cheer on the team in Philly)
-Someone else to entertain your child while you grab a quick shower (or cook for 9 people)
-New friendships (sustained through e-mail, Christmas cards, and little surprises sent throughout the year such as a pair of toddler-sized Crocs or a Maurice Sendak pop-up book)

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