Monday, June 11, 2007


Convinced Jeremy to join me & Kristin for one last tear around French Creek before his departure. We rode a feverish little romp through the muggy, sweaty woods and doubled back for a feisty little bonus loop...more, more, more! I know exactly how Kristin feels (she is whipping her post-partum badass self into race-ready shape) is far from easy. Still, we didn't hold back much & she was dropping me on the descents...I am happy she is back! After a quick stop at home to clean up (barely) and grab a snack, we high-tailed it to the airport and said goodbye to Jeremy. Tonight, he informed me that his flight to Atlanta was delayed (after all that fruitless rushing around) & my response was, "Damn, we could have charged Red & White after all!!" Next year... This is the first night in 2 weeks that we have no guests at our is too quiet!

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