Thursday, June 21, 2007


When I was a kid, we used to hike at Wissahickon & visit the Indian, "Teddy Esham," as my little ears heard it (actually, Chief Tedyuscung...which is still incorrect anyway, as the statue is not really that Lenape warrior)... Today my dad & I set out for a pretty mellow ride...we only pushed when necessary to stay afloat & hit it only slightly harder on the longer climbs. Until today, I believe all my rides at Wissahickon have been in rotten, nasty temps (brutally hot or freezing cold) was beautiful. What a difference a change of scenery, a casual pace, and good company (rather than your leg-marked competition) makes. I feel better already. Dutifully drained a bottle of Recovery Magic (Vanilla's not just milk, it's Magic Milk), put Kid down for a nap...and I'm next!

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