Monday, July 16, 2007


Spent the morning doing some informal peanut-allergy research...until it freaked me out and I had to stop reading. One (hopefully slanted) statistic I read explained that out of 33 food allergy deaths last year, 17 were peanut allergies. Jesus! Teenagers are the "most likely" to succumb to a fatal reaction because they feel invincible & are rarely prepared for an emergency (like always carrying an Epi pen). Like I said, I began freaking out and stopped reading the horror stories. Clearly, an appointment is in order with an allergist & we'll have some informed answers. In the meantime, our house is completely peanut free. I feel good appetite is insatiable and I am craving salty, junky bruises, no wounds, just a little soreness when I climb the stairs. Yesterday, with my emotions getting the best of me, I began questioning whether I want to race at all anymore...Why not make more babies and just ride whenever? Why not give my marriage a little more attention, a little more effort? Why was I out in the woods, devoting nearly an entire Sunday to a mountain bike race, while Jeff & Tough Guy were home sleeping off a horrendous night in the hospital? I suppose I would be a lousy wife & miserable mom without it...So, I got over myself & started seeking out something between now & Iron Hill on Bikereg.

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chunky monkey said...

Don't hang it up yet. I was looking forward to seeing you during cross. Less than 2 months away now. ;-)