Saturday, July 21, 2007


No agenda today...woke up early, Jeff already gone for hours (working the weekend...I miss him). Hungry,I took inventory of our near empty fridge & eggs, no bread, 1 lonely waffle (but, no syrup), handful of cereal...hmmm. The Kid was thrilled with his Eggo & Hershey's Syrup (it's Saturday...and sugar is sugar, I reasoned).
Couldn't bear the thought of chasing the Wild Thing around a park or crowded playground, so we went exploring and probably had more fun anyway.
No wild raspberries to be found (no problem, the kid has probably eaten his weight in raspberries over the past two days), but we encountered some busted farm equipment, a fuzzy brown caterpillar, and many cool dogs.
Back home, we watched the "Big Kids" do stunts on their bikes and ate lunch on the front porch.
My dad called to inform me that my grandpop is in the hospital...I don't know much yet, except he is experiencing some internal bleeding.
Yesterday, driving him home from the shore, he complimented my "safe driving" & said it was the best he felt in weeks ("Really, Grandop?" I wondered, he's been at the beach for two weeks and the best he has felt is sitting in traffic on the Schuylkill?)...
He will be in the hospital overnight and hopefully I will see him in the morning...

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