Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fairhill Classic...Just Not Willing to Puke

23 Miles. Strong start...bundle of nerves, knots of guilt for leaving the little guy (and big guy) today, emotional mess from last night's scare...don't waste your energy on negativity, it's going to be a long race... I am proud of the way I handled my bike & myself today...I held my own in the front group, stayed consistent... We worked together, carving out beautiful lines and gathering momentum with every little rise and dip. I led with control & followed with focus...panic couldn't chase me today...the course itself was excellent. By mile 18, I began to relent a little...unwilling to run myself completely ragged, unwilling to dig deeper, simply unwilling to puke (we had our share last night). Jess (Queen of the MAC last year) caught me with 2 miles to go...I didn't even try to grab her wheel, just watched her pull further & further away. Fairhill was a joy to ride... My dad & I both finished 5th in our I did not focus on my position, I only wanted to ride smoothly & have a little life left in me for the Boys when I got home. But, top 5 at Fairhill? I'll take it!


Frank Brigandi said...

I agree with Sanchez, he thought you looked strong and fresh, I concurred.

Suki said...

watch out for legumes (peas, beans, etc) as well.

alot of people with peanut allergies are susceptible to sneaky pea attacks, as well.

an anaphylactic reaction is terrifying...sounds like your little guy is about as strong as they come.

my biggest fear? bees...

I've always said that if I die climbing it won't be from a fall...

it'll be from a sting.

my epi-pen stays in my camelbak.

chunky monkey said...

It's ok. It's all for fun right? You had a rough night and then to race, and it being Fair Hill. Finishing was a huge accomplishment. There was a huge DNF percentage.
Glad your son is ok.