Friday, July 20, 2007


I love summertime...having just returned from a quick escape to the beach, I realize home is where I am most relaxed, most content.
We (me, mom, & Wild Thing) joined the cousins at Grandpop's place in Ocean City, just for one night...we had an excellent beach day, an exhausting romp around the boardwalk, and too much Johnson's popcorn (which I never had much of an affinity for, until my grandmom died & was no longer here to enjoy her favorite seashore treat).
After the kids went to bed, the girls (me, my mom, Aunt Linda, Therese, & Chelsea) sat around the kitchen table until well after midnight, talking & laughing.
I didn't sleep well...Wild Thing was flailing his little chicken legs all night long and my mom was snoring across the room (which woke the kid at 3:40am...a tiny voice next to me, pleading, "Grammy, stop snooooring! Grammy, stop snoooooring!").
This morning, my Aunt Linda made pancakes from scratch for breakfast, which made the entire adventure & sleepless night completely worthwhile.
Back home, my son & I took ridiculously long naps this afternoon in the comfort of our own beds...I am nursing a stubborn cold & haven't even touched my bike since Fairhill.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I have no plans...
that is fine with me, because summer will be over too soon.

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