Thursday, July 26, 2007

Looks Like Firewood to Me

Father-Daughter Training Loop at Brandywine... just what I needed to burn off some stress. Much healthier than my little temper tantrum last night...Sorry, Jeff. Deep down inside, I am still a Perna. I will always be a Perna and I will always possess the Perna Temper. Last night, our Trusty Mechanic hosted a "Repair 101" workshop at our Fearless Leader's house...all the girls convened in the field, armed with tubes, CO2, and multi-tools. After lessons on how to fix a broken chain, how to adjust or rig a mangled derailleur, etc...we moved onto Scott's "log clinic." Ugh... I can amble over most logs or water bars now...but, the log they chose for our "lesson" was more akin to the enormous poplar felled by a recent thunderstorm in our woods. Immediately, I had flashbacks of high school gym class and disastrous attempts at gymnastics, lacrosse, field hockey, and line dancing (yes, we were subjected to line dancing...square dancing, too). Because I lacked any confidence when it came to all matters physical, I never tried anything, or I simply didn't show up. Instead, I'd spend gym period in the photo lab or the library. As a result, I had gym class every day my senior year, twice on Thursdays in order to graduate. I spent my senior year repeating every dreaded sport and activity I foolishly avoided. I don't like to fail (or in last night's case, flail) in front of an audience...I just freeze up. So, I had one half-hearted slo-mo attempt...I just wasn't feeling it. As the sky grew darker, I watched & cheered as Heather, Wendy, Kristin, & Deborah charged across the log over and over... Again, I just wasn't feeling it. What was I feeling? Wussy. Disappointed. Put me on a trail, one-on-one...maybe I'd give something that size a go. I'll get there, in my own time.


Frank Brigandi said...

build up to it.. slowing down to attempt a log, is less efficient than dismounting and run-hopping over it...practice your cross dismounts and remounts... that's what the smarter racers do..
There's no shame in being a smart bicycle racer, you have nothing to prove.

Suki said...

I like logs about as much as I like emergency room visits.