Sunday, July 1, 2007

Return to Marysville

Thanks, Dad...Hope you are back in the game soon! The Sloooooow Race...(the prize? A unicycle!) Beginner Short Track
Enjoying the beautiful day all by myself...for nearly a solid hour between races,
I sat in the shade of a big one needed me for anything and that was just fine with me!
For the last time today, teammate George Heim's backside...that's what I saw (and chased) on both the Hill Climb & Short Track... Another day spent (mostly) on my bike...what more can I say? Hill Climb? I wanted just a little bit more...really, I did.
Short Track? Just pure, fast fun...
Arrived back home to a quiet Napping House...need a nice Sunday dinner with the family, as I consumed far too many non-real food items today (blue Sport Beans, Espresso Love Gu...rhymes with "Ewww" for a reason, Orange Gatorade, and a "vanilla" Powerbar Recovery "Shake"...ugh).
Maybe if I just put my feet up, stretch out...

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chunky monkey said...

Hey Kim, it's always nice to line up with you too! I know what you mean about unfriendly faces. I believe I met one as she turned to me on the line and said "where'd you come from? I haven't seen you before"? Yeah, nice to meet you too. Try not to let them get to you. Just ride your race and enjoy. It's all for fun right? You're having a great season too!