Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sad...I Was Afraid of This

Fuck. Grandpop has cancer... in his stomach. He's 88 and otherwise healthy. 8 grandchildren. 12th great-grandchild on the way. Last week at the beach, he bitched about us girls staying up late talking loud & laughing... Secretly, he was thrilled that we were all there under one roof...his family, together, cracking each other up. but, secretly, he was probably feeling pretty lousy & wishing for a little peace & quiet... After my grandmom died (5 years ago), he's been joining us nearly every Sunday for dinner. My son has just started to warm up to him, even kissing him good night and teasing him. He sleeps in a chair because "it's more comfortable", but I think he just won't sleep in his bed alone. My grandpop yelled at me once...I was seven and left the door open on his Cadillac (I thought my brother was going to get out on my side)...he pulled into the garage and...yeah, it wasn't pretty! So...I think about my grandpop often, he's a regular (though extraordinary) part of my (almost) every day life...and today I heard the news and, quite simply, this is what I thought.

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