Sunday, July 22, 2007

You Know?

You know how it feels to not ride all week? Then an old friend decides to join you for a "casual ride" and you wonder how you'll fare? You hit your favorite trails (French Creek...Red & White)... Your bike feels just right... Your legs have plenty of time to ease in, warm up because you are having a nice conversation with your friend, who you haven't seen since the winter... You hit that undulating, beautiful descent...the drops are just a little "droppier" than last time, there is greenery where bare branches hung in the earliest part of spring... From the bottom, you surprise yourself with new found finesse as you bound over rock after rock after rock, climbing up & moving forward... You are not chasing anyone, you are not "hanging on"...You are barely even breaking a sweat...In July. You are hanging out, in the company of friends enjoying another remarkably blue-skied, clear, utterly beautiful day... Climbing out of Miller's Point, conditions are tip-top, completely dry and you are flowing uphill... Unreal. You marvel at the scenery and wonder where is everybody else on such a perfect day? Back at Shed Road, you want to ride past the car and duck into the woods again... But, it's been a rough week for everyone, you don't want to take advantage of your mom who is graciously watching your toddler... So, you wrap up your conversation with your old friend, tell him you'll call his wife & get the kids together soon... You stop for soft pretzels on the way home, which mom is grateful for. You had the best kind of mellow ride ever.

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Suki said...

I had an amazing ride this weekend.

short but cathartic.

I've pushed my partner on the rock...and he got a little revenge on a slightly-too-technical-for-suki trail.

I did it, though.

all in my largest chain ring.

I feel like a fricking rock star.