Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Concepts I Have Yet to Grasp

-Just because I ride for a mere hour in the blistering heat does not mean I can help myself to every edible item in sight upon returning home (vanilla yogurt! sourdough pretzels! Lindt chocolate! Honey Smacks!) -Just because the morning is filled with finger-painting, castle-building/destroying, and dragon slaying does not mean I am off the hook in the afternoon...Scooby Doo is not a babysitter. -My hair is not going to grow (ever) if I continue to cut it every three weeks. -One forkful of arugula does not count as a "salad" that same vein, corn on the cob, um, not exactly "greens." -I am thirty-two. -The laundry is not going to put itself away. -My tiny diamond earrings are really, truly lost. -I carried Diablo himself in my womb for nine months.


Suki said...

every joint in my body hurts.

is this typical of falling off your bike 43 times per hour?

in other news:

a concept I'm having trouble wrapping my arms around, myself...

I'm going to be 30 in less than a week.


kd said...

don't keep track of how many times you fall!
And for that matter, don't keep track of your age.
If you are anything like me, you probably feel somewhere between 23-28 years old on any given day...
keep it that way!
As for the aching joints...
Epsom Salt Soak (ahhh).
Wait, saying "Epsom Salt" does make me feel old...that's one exception.

Frank Brigandi said...

Here's a few more to chew on, y'know, incase you were wondering -
Age versus feeling age - act how you feel, it's only logical. Never "act" your age. That's just someone keeping you down with them....

If you focus on the negatives of riding, umm.. that's what you'll be doing, so let the Negs pass and embrace the Positives.
Happy mind means a happy ride/race.
Paugh at yourself during a race, it helps with performance actually.
women are stronger than men.
why is a haircut so satisfying?
Shaving is both over rated and underrated.
Babies are awesome, hug one.
our offspring are a literal extension of us, keep it interesting for them.
My babysitter was Ultra Man.

Suki said...

you two...

are right!

the bike and rides get only love from now on.

as for my age...

the only part about turning 30 that scares me...

is being alone.


kd said...

you're not have your awesome Kid, your friends (and I don't mean just your weird internet/blogosphere friends like me)...
In the scheme of things, you are a young & sassy lass.