Sunday, August 12, 2007

Darkhorse 40

Make yourselves at home...
So, this is Host Housing...and what's in that jar? Only the finest oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Jeremy's mom's place...I could breathe the air of the Gunks from the back porch...ahhhh! The muddiest my bike has been all season
Smethers rolling up the gravel climb for a strong 4th place finish...Damn, Josh, you are fast!
BP finishing up his half of the Family Style Beans co-ed relay
Be safe fellas
Darkhorse 40 Newburgh, NY:
Not only did Jeremy's mom provide comfy accommodations for me & my dad, she prepared the most amazing pre-race dinner ever with ingredients from her garden...Staying at the old country house was not unlike a tiny little vacation. I could pack up my family and stay there indefinitely...that's how welcome I felt.
And the green beans?
It's no secret I have no love for veggies, but these beans were so fresh & tasty I kept going back for more. Me...helping myself to a pile of green beans.
Must have been the secret weapon, because I raced like a girl who eats her greens (I imagine that girl is healthy & fast at least).
In spite of the goofy lemans start (where I unwittingly ran past my bike...duh), I had a flawless, fluid race.
Fluid, baby...this place was freaking cool! Flowing, twisty, rooty singletrack through a scenic forest littered with the best kind of rock slab power climbs, short rocky stretches, big ring meadows, and abrupt descents with a few drops to keep you on your toes. No room for error because if you bungled, you bungled fast & hard...saw a lots of broken chains & blown up derailleurs. Ouch.
My dad & I each completed a 20 mile lap for a 3rd place co-ed team was cool to podium together. Didn't travel all that way for anything less!
So much fun...


Suki said...



that earns you two snickers bars. one heath. three pop-tarts...

and two spanks (should you so choose to partake of them).

jkrupat85 said...

Yep..that's mom's paradise! is pretty relaxing there and looks like ya had a gorgeous day

...and she sure can cook up some veggies! I'll have to let her know what a feat it was for you to shovel some green beans down!

Y'all did awesome...maybe next year I can join ya!

You'll also be happy to hear that after you guys left my mom went out on her bike for a ride inspired by you two!

Nice Job!