Sunday, August 19, 2007


Group (road) rides confound me... Someone actually made fun of my shoes (I only have one pair...both my "road"/cross bike & mountain bike have Time pedals). I am happy to have a nice three hour ride in the bank, all for the greater good...but, seriously, my shoes?! Three hours in the saddle on such a beautiful day left me with a healthy sense of well-being (though I heard a little voice in my head, teasing, "It's probably even more beautiful in the woods..."). I napped like a champ and refrained from eating any junk. That was yesterday. Today... Well, today I got a little too close to tree trunk the size of a buffalo, nearly wiped out at the bottom of a smooth, dry descent and crashed into a tiny rocky dip... I am simultaneously icing my left shoulder and my right knee. I think my right foot needs some attention, too. Good thing my mom is making homemade pizza tonight...carbs make everything better.

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