Friday, August 10, 2007


BP of Family Style Beans
Racing to win... but, I will be happy to ride new trails & enjoy a change of scenery. Heading to Newburgh, New York for the Darkhorse 40...My dad and I will be participating as a team (each completing one 20 mile lap)...Family Style Beans, that's us! I am super excited to be doing a team event with my dad...Stewart State Forest is close to the Gunks and our "friend in the know" Jeremy has raved about the trails up there. Can't wait can't wait can't trails, I am chomping at the bit. Chomp chomp!


Suki said...

oh, no. you. didn't.

I was in the gunks this weekend watching some dorks pedal back and forth...back and forth...back and forth...on the flat dusty carriage road thinking:

what the HELL are they doing? all these mountains...all these trees...

there's GOT to be some killer riding up here. chomping at the bit (and the door of the closed bike shop)...wishing we had brought our bikes.

where are the trails????

tell me.

you MUST tell me.

...I'll give you a dollar.

kd said...

1 or 2 exits below the Gunks...maybe 30 minutes?
If you are interested, I can give you some pointers about where to specifically ride the trails. Most of the immediate trails around the gunks/Minniwaska/Mohonk area are unfortunately off-limits to mtbing...don't know how strictly they enforce it because we have only ever climbed or hiked up that way. Some trails are open for riding, but the trail it links up to may not be...lame. Stewart State Forest is worth the trip for some awesome trails...e-mail me if you want info