Saturday, August 25, 2007

Iron Hill

Winner (heh heh)
Iron Hill:
Hot hot hot hot hot...
"Real feel" temp One O Five, baby...yes, 105 degrees.
A late afternoon start left me feeling uneasy and out of sorts (though certainly well-rested with no alarm this morning).
No surprise, even the rocks were sweaty today...thick air, heavy legs, bloated belly...awesome.
Lap 1:
Into the woods, Cati is on my wheel and I play it safe. The first rocky climb finds me struggling, flustered...slippy slippy stop, start, more of the same...fuck it, hop off & go.
Cati passes me, but only for a moment.
Back on my wheel, she says, "Turn it up..." Linda is gaining ("Zoiks, Scoob!").
No. I am playing it cool. The heat is beyond oppressive and I am no dummy.
My dad's words ringing in my ears ("Take it easy and start working after the long downhill...")...makes sense.
We hit the "lava rocks" before the descent and I pummel through, pretending it's Wissahickon...chomp chomp.
It's quiet back there.
Got a gap.
Make some moves on the bone shaker (a climb this year), pass some fellas...putting some boys between me & the girls.
Fucking hot.
Guess what? The downhills are fun, really fun...just enough mud to give a little tack, a little grip.
Lap 2:
More of the same, but now I can turn it up.
Tap into my yoga breathing, sit up tall & relax my grip on the flats...drinking, drinking...the Powergel tastes like cake batter.
Keep moving, move faster.
I can hear the Elite Awards ("Henderson 6th...Ickes 1st...") Go Beans! Yes, Kimmy...faster!
Nearing the end of lap 2, Billy informs me I have 5 minutes on Cati.
Lap 3:
I clean the first rocky climb so fluidly, which boosts my confidence.
Halfway through the lap, cramps start attacking my right quad & inner thigh...what?! Reluctantly, I reach into my pocket for my emergency gel (Double X-Presso with Caffeine) very, very gross.
I know I am slowing down.
Find my groove on the swoopy little berms and my legs are coming back to life.
Bungle a diagonal log, hop off & goddamn, that is a Cramp. I done? Is this fucker my demise? But, I'm winning.
Easier than childbirth...
Get it together, 2 miles to go.
Turning the corner, to the final stretch, my dad is waiting, "First place!! You got it..."
Churning the gravel trail to the finish, I am smiling smiling smiling...
My first win.
My dad said he knew I had it today...I am just glad he waited til it was over to say so.
Teammate/friend Cati finished 2nd...yay!!
I am a nerd & wish I had a medal (but, the Rudy Project shades are pretty rad...nice to see the ladies earn something other than lubes and tubes).
It will be a while before I can even look at a soft pretzel again...which brings us to:
Puking sucks...especially on the side of 202 as Saturday traffic whizzes by. I console myself by saying, "At least cross is cold."
I'm ready.


fatmarc said...

good to you.

Frank Brigandi said...

mucho congratulationes!!
you were due. yes,cross,cold, damp...perfect,vomit freezes faster too.

airing out said...

congratulations! It was so hot that day... elk tossed his cookies at the finish line. I worked up a sweat sitting in the shade, and that was during the morning races.

JenBob said...

Nice job Kim. Your bike adventures are one of the few that make me miss riding/racing.

I'm looking forward to your cross endeavors as I traverse the world.

Suki said...

you won!
you won!


you won!!!