Thursday, August 9, 2007


Charlie, "You do realize you are on skinny tires, right?" Me, "Yeah, it doesn't happen often..." Charlie, "That's the only reason I came out for this see Kim on skinny tires." So began an easy, rolling, conversational ride with Charlie & BP... Out Valley Creek, down 842, up up up the Secret Shortcut through Blue Rock (which baffled Charlie, the navigational superstar)...back home the long way to avoid the obvious climbs...easy, easy, easy... "Tranquilo, Kim, tranquilo." Um...okay. Completely unrelated, but definitely worth documenting: Overheard while I was flipping pancakes in the kitchen & Sonny Boy was playing in the living room, "Funky Boss Funky Boss Funky Boss Funky Boss Funky Boss Get Off My Back!" Later, driving home from dinner at the cousins, I say to the Little Innocent strapped into the car seat, "So, who is your Boss anyway?" Silence... Then, "Mommy!!"

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