Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bear Creek Summer Showdown 2007

Going Up? Heather, Wendy, Cati, & Donna
Beans...2nd place overall Cannondale Team Cup
Rick used the team cup to down a Hop Devil...mmmmm!
Craig (King Michaux) & Dave
Kimmy Kim's 2007 Series Winner Championship Jersey...
Young Beans
Party on...
Bear Creek is no longer my nemesis...we have finally made peace.
The past two years I have been DFL at Bear Creek...that's right, double DFL. I have always regarded Bear Creek as a frustrating hike-a-bike with no flow, no fun.
Today I had zero expectations, zero self-inflicted pressure. In my mind, I was out for survival, looking for a little redemption.
This is the first time I warmed up solely on the road...did not even set foot on the course, did not check out the start or staging area. No pressure, no worries...I had the series locked up for #1 in my class and my goal was simply to ride safe and smart.
Last race of the series and I won.
I won my race...I won my race at Bear Creek.
How's that for redemption?
The best part...I truly enjoyed myself today. I am proud of the way I rode, really held my own out there. Tapped into some confidence that I never knew existed. In spite of Obi Wan/BP's warnings echoing in my head ("Don't take unnecessary chances...don't end your cross season before it begins...that place is brutal..."), I challenged myself on the rocky descents and tricky switch backs. Couldn't help felt good to be in the front.
Our team had a great showing, with Beans all over the & orange everywhere.
As for the Team Cup, we lost our grasp of First Place at Seven Springs...we walked away with second overall...our team has grown so much stronger this year.
And me?
I have the sassy Championship Jersey.
Who knew?
Yeah...this was a good day.


fatmarc said...

congrats on a great year.

see you soon.


chunky monkey said...

Congratulations! You had a great season! It'll be great to see you at cross soon.

Frank Brigandi said...

you're awesome. not much more to say than that, just awesome... you're year has been inspiring.