Sunday, September 9, 2007

Jim Thorpe

trout stream Misty Watch the snakes, BP! pretty
Look at me, dad!
Boulder field
Yes, the Lehigh Valley is smiling at me!
Can you believe I actually balked at the muddy, wet trails?
Then I reminded myself, "Get it together, like this shit..."
One little bitch-slap over a mossy rock later and I was back to myself, working up a sweat and feeling the lovely flow that is classic Jim Thorpe Fun.
We hit the Deer Path spite of a slippery start thanks to last night's thunder storms, the trails were awesome and more scenic than I remember.
Wrapped up Deer Path, stopped at the car to top off our fluids, then off to the Glen Onoko trail...ahhhhh, Good Old Glen Onoko..Where it all began, the genesis of my Mountain Bike Love...I still truly enjoy that trail and its beautiful overlook. Watched the soaring hawks for a minute, but didn't linger as the bees were out in force...
A great day spent with my dad, doing what I love...just for fun.


Suki said...

I felt like a mountain biker (am I? hahahaha I think NOT!) for the first time in Jim Thorpe.

I powered up a hiking trail. rocky. rocky. rocky.

in my big chain ring.

felt good.

(not later, but at the time it)

felt so good.

Frank Brigandi said...

Y'know, I think it's beyond cool that you have so much fun with your dad, it's seems very special. awesome......