Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hillbilly Hustle Elmer, NJ...the Hustle is ON!

Damn, he makes it look so easy!!
I want to be Mark's bike for Halloween...check out that rad goblin green! Go Fitzy! Nikki & ferocious Ginger
Can't's cool to merely have my name on the same page!
literally eating mud whatsoever.
Hup Hup!! This shit is fun to watch...I forgot about that part!
Weary from the effort.
Amped from the friendly vibes & and super-fun course.
Relieved that the first one is over...
Relieved that it was an absolute blast.
I knew it would be a good day as my dad unwittingly pulled up next to this guy's ride...
Good energy, words of encouragement, easy chatter to quell the nerves...Fitzy & Marc (and for that matter, the company they keep...) always illicit an immediate calming presence. For my first race of the season, seeing those familiar faces hushed the anxieties that messed with my sleep last night.
BP & I assessed the course...dry, technical, flat, and fun...did I mention flat? And dry? Peppy warm-up, no pressure on myself. My goal? Ride a clean, safe race.
Lined up with the women and was happy to see Nikki and Jess...not so happy to be in the mix with all the "A" chicks (there was only one category for women). I knew the intimidation would be fleeting, as that would be the last I'd see of the Fast & Fabulous until well after the race.
From "GO," I held onto Jessica's wheel...lap after lap after lap, we traded spots, wheel-to-wheel, holding off one other girl...I finally advanced a tiny gap on Jess with 1 lap to go...
Until I went off course.
And she followed.
"Kim...we're off course...Turn around, turn around!!" (ahhh, the first and likely last time I would get a gap on the '06 Queen "B" of the MAC)...'ve got to be kidding...there was maybe half a lap left to dig in and catch up. No problem, time to make it hurt a little. Where are those tricky corners when I need them?
Caught Jessica and we worked together to claw our way back to the "other Jess" (our only competition once the "A Train" took off on lap 1, sweeping Nikki up in their midst...good for her). So we had our own little race for our own little 1-2-3, which was pretty exciting in itself.
On our last charge up the "dirt ramp", made a move to pass "the other Jess" and clung to Jess S. til the end...
Worked out exactly as it should have...and damn, that was fun.
My dad finished third in his group and earned a cool medal...felt great to see a smile on his face after a pretty disheartening mountain bike season. BP is back...phewwww!
Oh, as for the excuses, I clearly need practice (lap one:"Oh, hi there barrier, would you like a bite of my front wheel? Sure, here you go. Yummy, right?")...
I saw some smooth moves out there for sure, but for every graceful step-through and fluid leap, there were plenty of awkward gaffes (not just my own).
Practice, practice, practice.
Okay...first one, all wrapped up...
I'm ready for more.
That's all I needed to know.


FuzzyMath said...

Thanks for the great race! I almost died trying to stay up with you and Jess 1. Good luck with your season!

"The Other Jess"

kd said...

that was a blast...good luck to you, as well!
You really pushed me out there...way to go :)

Anthony S. said...

I was at that race too. I uploaded them to my gallery here: