Monday, September 17, 2007

Just the Staff of Life, That's All

two peas in a pod
Moroccan Chickpea Flat Bread (adapted loosely from Jamie Oliver)
6(ish) Cups Flour (that's the lovely thing about making this bread...unlike many baked goods, the measurements need not be will work out, I promise)
Three packets yeast
1 Can Chickpeas (mashed rustically w/ a masher or pureed in a food processor...both methods are great...the puree just imparts a more elastic dough)
Some spices (table spoon of cumin, pinch of cinnamon, sea salt, black pepper...adjust according to your taste)
About 2 Cups tepid water (I usually fill two pint glasses w/ lukewarm water & set aside)
Use that Kitchenaid Mixer that you had to have...or use a big mixing bowl...or just use a clean kitchen table (I prefer to use a small, cramped corner of the table inconveniently located far away from all my ingredients which I assemble on the fly, remembering shit as I go along)...
This is a great application for the Captain Hook/Dough Hook that comes with the mixer!
So...dump almost all the flour in a bowl, dissolve all your yeast in half the water (add a generous drizzle of honey to feed the yeast, stir, baby)...
Start mixing, add the second half of your water...add chickpeas, add spices
If the dough is dry and weird, add some water...if it's gooey, just add a little flour
Once the dough feels nice & smooth & dense, knead it, punch the air out for a good 5-7 minutes...leave it in a nice mound in a bowl greased w/ a little olive oil...cover w/ a kitchen towel (unless you use liquid fabric softener...cover w/ Saran Wrap or the bread will taste like laundry)...
Leave it in warm area away from drafts for a good 45 mins to an hour to rise (should nearly double in size).
Preheat your oven to a whopping 450 degrees.
After dough has risen, knead it a bit...tear off big hunks (like a fist-full), roll the chunks flat
Bake directly on rack about 6-7 minutes...Keep a close eye on them, they bake quickly & puff up magically right before your eyes.
No need to flip them or anything...I usually grab them with BBQ tongs, let em cool for a minute, then enjoy one immediately.
Awesome the next morning with honey and tea.
We like to listen to the JBs ("Breakin bread with my mama breakin bread with my mama breakin bread..."), but the dough rises equally well with Bad Brains or "Thriller"...
We also like to completely blow up the kitchen, making sure the flour gets everywhere (the harder to clean, the better)...but, do your own thing & let me know how it turns out.


Suki said...

that's a sweet mixer, yo.

in a few weeks...I think we're (myself, one or two of my brats and a bottle of cheap wine) going to commandeer your kitchen for the opening of pumpkin baking season.


noone gets out alive.

kd said...

oh, it's on!