Sunday, September 16, 2007

Smartwool Jersey and Knickers...Summer, You're Already a Fading Memory

Is it unusual to wake up with a bloody nose in the middle of the night every night since I took a toddler's foot to the face? I expected my ride to be a little tough this morning...we headed over to Downingtown. My dad and I agreed to keep it need to race. Thanks, dad. Into the woods, immediately making all the wrong moves, looking down rather than ahead...lost my rear wheel on a diagonal root that I usually dip right over (now I have a weird walnut-sized knotty bruise on my ass). I was too busy narrating my sucky-ness ("I suck today...I'm going to suck at cross...I mouth hurts...My ass hurts...I suck...I suck...This sucks...Cross is going to suck...") that I forgot to just ride. After we crossed the road, I stopped the crazy Suck Loop in my head & began to just enjoy know, just ride my bike. this is a Sunday morning ride, this is fun...this is more like it. Crunchy leaves, dry and dusty singletrack...just rolling along. The entire right side of my face feels sore and's been three days since the extraction of ONE tooth and my head is a throbbing, icky mess.

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JenBob said...

Mmmmmmm Downingtown. "Crunchy leaves, dry and dusty singletrack" My favorite!