Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stutter-Step Much?

Really, all I can do is laugh at myself. Cross Practice tonight was both fun & frustrating. We met Charlie at Downingtown and set up a groovy loop...plenty of tight, rooty corners...some nice technical descents...a great stretch of fast gnarly hairpin turn into a run-up... Problem is, my legs are officially pummeled. I suppose Bear Creek could have done me in...stupidly, I made no attempt at a recovery ride on Monday (I think I opted to nap instead of spin). After a few casual laps, I expected to warm up...when it came time to do the first hot lap, my legs just wouldn't cooperate. No juice. No fire. Charlie & BP disappeared...I decided if speed was not to be, I would instead work on skills, technique...tempo, no mistakes. Uh, no. I don't know what I was doing out there, but I was certainly not getting over any barriers/logs with any finesse. On my final lap, barreling through the grassy flat section, I veered right into the weeds & bramble...woozy, light-headed...couldn't keep myself straight. Weird. What, body? You trying to tell me something? It's hot? I should drink? Okay. No problem, we're finished anyway. Called it a night, headed home... After a satisfying dinner of egg whites, toast, & a recovery shake I felt like me again. Pheww. As for racing this weekend? Well, I'm not entirely concerned about looking foolish out there (I mean, really...trying not to get lapped by the fastest lycra-clad Masochist out foolish does that look anyway?)... I am concerned about lining up with the cream of the crop (I noticed the Hillbilly Hustle has but ONE category for women...yikes...and I made the mistake of glancing at, okay studying, the confirmed rider list). Intimidating? Only a little. But, I have this going for me: I'm not easily embarrassed. And I don't quit.

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