Thursday, September 27, 2007

That's Enough...

Playgroup Wrap-Up: -hours spent organizing toys, removing anything that can become a weapon (I've seen Mr. Potato Head launched across the room to the shrill cries of "Bombs away!!!"...I've also seen an innocent Penguin Pop-On become a "laser shooter"): I lost count, but I should have been hanging out with my husband. Or sleeping. -hours spent cleaning the house (or at least moving piles of clutter to rooms where the doors can be shut): I didn't keep track. I swept. Vacuumed. Even mopped. Wiped toys with Clorox Anywhere Spray. (I guess it should be noted that our house is usually pretty clean, even somewhat organized...I'm not manic about "housekeeping"...there are usually plenty of toys underfoot til about 8pm...crushed goldfish crackers and spilled juice are not uncommon on the kitchen floor until the end of the day...) -hours spent watching ALL the neighborhood children demolish our playroom & obliterate our kitchen (not to mention freaking out my super-sensitive-"I don't want to share these days because I am a toddler and these are MY things on MY territory...and you're going to drink all MY juice boxes, too?!"-son): two endless hours. I loathe Playgroup. I loathe it even more when it's my turn to host it. It's hard for me to welcome all the other moms into my safe little have them scrutinize the snacks I serve, the toys we play with, the pictures on the walls... These women are not my friends...our only common thread is our children. Playgroup is not my outlet to interact with other adults/moms...I only do it for my kid. And my kid, truth be told, does not seem to enjoy it either. Playgroup brings out the worst in him...He spits. He throws. He grabs. He doesn't share. I'm with him. All those kids make me want to spit and throw and grab and not share. That's why I have one kid (for now, he is all I can handle). Group dynamics such as this confound me... I'm not really interested in gossiping about the noisy dog that wakes up the entire cul-de-sac every morning at 6AM...and they're not interested in hearing about my victory at Bear Creek last weekend. I'm not worried about my kid...I know eventually he'll take turns on his own and willingly share his toys. I aced Child Development in college. I was a great preschool teacher once upon a time. I know this stuff. I just forget sometimes.

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