Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Are You Racing?

After making the rounds last night and stumbling happily upon this , I just want to share this little gem: 2006, Iron Hill Mountain Bike Race Lap two, I am trolling along, politely trying to pass a fellow chica...meandering around some dry roots...just rolling, la la la. Hot on my heels, Anne bellows incredulously, "Are you racing?" "Ummm...yeah." She passes swiftly... Shit...I better pick it, I guess I'm not racing...Race, dammit, race!! I still carry that sentiment with me... Any time I feel myself relenting, unwinding, relaxing, or slacking for even just a second out there...I hear that voice, "Are you racing???" Love that!


Dirty Girl Cycling said...

You forgot the best part of the story which is, I believe, when you eventually passed the smart ass who asked if you were racing and beat her (soundly) to the line. The joke, it seems, is on me!

Mark said...

T-shirts? You betcha! Swanky long sleeve t shirts no less. Perfect for lounging and race spectating!