Monday, October 22, 2007

Care for some Lyme?

Awesome...sixty blue pills, all for me. Friday I thought I had an ordinary bite on my the day wore on, the "bite" grew to the size of a quarter & felt warm to the touch. Hmmmm... After packing my race bag, the internet junkie in me consulted the mighty web...I found lots of creepy images of spider bites and bulls eye rashes...I signed off when I started feeling itchy & paranoid. Saturday morning, I woke up completely rested & ready to conquer/survive Granogue...with a silver-dollar sized welt on my right thigh, barely resembling the fabled bulls eye. A visit to the doc today confirmed my suspicions...likely Lyme Disease. I won't know for sure for another 3 or 4 days, but I'm being treated as such in the meantime. This may explain the joint pain that's been plaguing my wrist, the weird vertigo-like dizziness I've encountered on and off the bike, and the fatigue that I've been attributing to racing/training. Or maybe I don't have Lyme disease and I'm just tired, dizzy, and bug-bitten with a sore wrist from wrangling a toddler all day.


chunky monkey said...

That sucks. At least you caught it early. Hope you feel better.

airing out said...

Good that you wen to the doctor. It sucks though. Hope the meds work!

Suki said...

oh man...that SUCKS.

I wouldn't even TOUCH those antibiotics until you get the lyme titer back, though.

if you JUST discovered the rash...a 3 or 4 day wait'll be fine.

I was treated for lyme last summer and it SUCKED! bad.

bad. bad. bad.

read all the prescribing info for the antiobiotic before you get into the treatment cycle. some are linked to tendon rupture (that would suck), most used to treat lyme are a HUGE no-no in the sun (good thing you race in the woods mostly, huh?)...

and all of them will make you feel like dirt.

confirm with the titer.

suki has spoken.

ps. wait for the titer.