Saturday, October 20, 2007

Granogue Cross 2007

Loved, loved, loved the section around the tower... Nikki won... deja wait, I have been here before...
did not love, love, love the root-around-the tree
there goes my badass dad...
Husband, son, boss/friend, crew
"Mom, you did a great job at your bike race!" Awwwww...
The Good:
-The stress upon entering the grid (I had the Monkey on my doesn't get any better...smiles, kind words, unwilling to give up that front row...yes!)
-The course was challenging and tricky and super, super favorite parts were the section around the tower (if you hit the off-camber on the high side, it was zip zip zip)...actually, I liked the entire tower side this year (minus that effing root around the last tree before the road)...Actually, I enjoyed all of it this year, especially the subtle changes.
-I plowed into a thicket of bamboo before the run-up...luckily, bamboo is very forgiving.
-My husband and kid were there to cheer me on...what a boost to hear, "Go fast, mommy!"
-We supported a great cause .
-Soft pretzels!
-New gear (yes, I need another East Coast Cross sweatshirt) and a complimentary cowbell for the kid ("My own cowbell! Cause I forgot mine! Wow!")...thanks, you made his day.
-The DCCofD and the formidable race they give us year after year...
-The MAC is here!
The Bad:
-One more time...that effing root.
That's complaints. Just the root.


Suki said...

I could not find you ANYWHERE.

color me disappointed...

and you in time out.

chunky monkey said...

You can thank for the new rout around the tower. Unfortunately you have me & marc to thank for the rout around the tree.
You did great, always nice to line up next to you, glad you're loving it! Cross is awesome!