Tuesday, October 23, 2007


So here I am...fully immersed. Eating, sleeping, breathing cross... a healthy obsession. I knew I had it bad when I showered and put clean jeans on after Sunday's race...and my legs were all warm and cozy from the balm I so diligently applied that morning. And there I was, in my cozy-warm-pummeled legs reverie...I had forgotten all about the hot shower/balmy-warm legs/after-race nap (but, I'm too amped to actually sleep so I'll just lie here and bask in my weariness...ahhhh). I love that.


Anthony S. said...

Hi, thanks for the nice comment about my son on my blog. I shot several pictures of you at Granouge and Wissahickon last weekened. Check 'em out HERE.
I hope you enjoy my images from the races. They are fun to watch and photograph. Good luck with the rest of the season!

Suki said...

did somebody say nap???

Anthony S. said...