Saturday, October 13, 2007

Marsh Creek Fall Classic 2007

Share the trails, share the lake...
Relax, you can have a turn later!
This race was great before it even began for the simple fact that I didn't need to set my alarm.
Cool breezes greeted me at the park...fall is here. Warmed up with Cati on the course & was happy to find more hills on the new loop.
During staging, I was happy to catch up with Fort James (on a curiously cool sea-green Kona)...his little one is already 6 months old. In turn, James looked a lot more rested than when I saw him at Marysville! Ahhhh...the joy of juggling baby/racing/training/surviving! Our race was delayed nearly an hour because some really cool, really mature hunters changed the direction of the course markers...this caused nasty stress on my part, as I was on bought time with the babysitter/Grammy. My mom generously agreed to watch my son, in spite of the fact that she was up til 3am caring for her other nephew. One apologetic phone call later ("Sorry, mom...we haven't even started yet..."), and I was ready to race. Six women lined up...fierce determination to finish fast & finish first gripped me immediately. I wanted to win, I wanted to be the first woman to cross the line. With Deborah to my left and 15 seconds til "Go", I knew I would have to do everything in my power to stay with her. If I could hold onto Deborah, I may have a chance. (Not 5 minutes before, we were joking about our first race here last fall when I accused her of "Sucking my wheel for 3 full laps and then blasting me on the final downhill to the finish, beating me by mere seconds..." to which she replied, "Aww, I was going to do that again today!")...So, in my mind it was on. Deborah was first into the woods while I stuck myself to her wheel...The crisp real October air left me feeling gasp-y and sucking for breath. Not once did I turn around, I just glued myself to Deborah... Pulling away from me on the first descent, I put my head down and pegged it to catch her...swept around a rutted sharp turn and watched Deborah flat right before my, no, no! "Do you have everything you need?" I asked. Grimly she replied, "Yes," and waved me on. "You sure?" Ughhh! It's never fun to see a teammate in that position, even when it's a teammate you so want to beat! Still, a race is a race...on I charged, intent on passing as many men as I could. The course was super-dry and fast...ate up my first lap in a surprising 26 minutes. The next two laps were more of the same, digging into every climb & never looking back. As I crossed the finish line, I was bummed that Deborah & I didn't get to play a little cat & mouse, but it was still immensely satisfying to be the first of six strong chicks to wrap up a really fun race. Now I am going to dig into a heaping bowl of pasta with olive oil, parmesan, & salt salt salt... it's what I feel like having.

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