Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Potty-Training, Pride, Pronunciation

Started early Christmas shopping tonight here. For myself ;) What a kid impressed himself today with his potty skills. I'm watching his self-confidence soar right before my eyes and that simply amazes me. Most of this stuff gets figured out as we go along...that is how we roll... Tonight our son told us a story... Usually, after we wind down at bedtime & read several books, he'll say something like, "Tell me a story about when I was a little baby..." or "Tell me the story about your friend who ate raw chicken..." Not tonight. Tonight, he was the storyteller of an elaborate yarn involving his Blue Bear and the search for a magnifying glass to look at bugs...pretty wild. There was even dialogue...hey, I was hanging on his every word. Made up for the awkward moment on the playground this afternoon when Sophie's mom asked about his helmet. "It's my fucking hat," he replied matter-of-factly, like Duh! As Sophie's mom collected her jaw from the ground, I said, "Viking hat?" "Yep, mom... my fucking hat," Sonny said sweetly.

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Suki said...

strangely enough...

I was looking for my fucking furs, just last night.