Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Right Words, The Blue Eyes

As I am scurrying around getting ready for work, my son is underfoot (as usual) doing his best to sabotage my every effort...he disappears momentarily.
"Mom!!!" excitedly, calling me from my closet, "Mommy!! LOOK!!"
Kid emerges from closet holding a Spiderman treat bucket.
"Oh, that's a surprise for Halloween night," I explain.
"Mom, I didn't know about that surprise! Mommy, you're great. I can have this now!"
"Mommy, you are great. You cutie pie!"
How can I say no?

1 comment:

Suki said...

parenting, dating, teaching...

all require frequent and liberal application of the word no.

the negatory is a fundamental skill.

one I'm good at.

say it with me:

no way, suckah!
hell no, beotch!
not a chance, punk!
over my dead body, fool!

see how easy that was?