Saturday, October 6, 2007

Same Track, Different Uniform

Ventured over to My Old School (middle school, of course) for a little cross "drill"... It happens to look nothing like the same school that saw me: 1) Morph into a wannabe Punk Rock Girl ("Dad, can we go to Zipperhead this weekend?") 2) Get pulled from P.R.O.B.E because of my slipping grades (my parents actually considered this punishment?) 3) Lose a little bit of faith in seventh-grade humanity when Kim N. stole the Hip Hop Lyrical Robot toolbox that I painstakingly crafted in wood shop

The only thing that looks the same is the track...the same track I begrudgingly walked around & around during the mile run fitness test year after year after year.

I am pretty confident that I could run a decent mile these days, but it was waaaay more fun to sprint around the track on my cross bike.

Typical Night Before Race jitters and much easier to pack up for a cross race than a mountain bike race. Having admitted that, I wonder what I'll forget tomorrow.

Unwound as a family with the Jungle Book & popcorn. Halfway through the movie, our son stripped down to his diaper and proclaimed himself "Mowgli."

I gave him my blessing to sleep in the woods, but he didn't go for that.

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