Thursday, October 4, 2007

Wake-Up Call

Pitter-patter, pitter patter... 6:59am. Noooooooo! "Mom? Mom?" Shuffles closer, pokes my left eye. Excitedly, "Mom! I can say bicycle and I can say tricycle and I can say popsicle now!!" What? Did he practice all night? Because until this morning, all he wanted to do was ride his bicycle-cul-cul and eat possicull-cul-culs. Cross practice tonight with our Fearless Leader. I'm scared.

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Suki said...

mommyhood is just the best danged job in the world, idn't it?

I miss mine being little.

her triumphs now rarely have anything to do with me, and are more often than not shared with her friends.

I have to keep reminding myself...

she's still really cute.
she's still little (although taller than I am).

she still needs me.

yeah...she still needs me.