Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wissahickon Cross Ludwig's Corner

Podium Shot BP!
Jay...joined us for practice this week...the more, the merrier
Gary Kelley ridin & smiling
"I want to see the pit, too, Grampy..."
Cheerleading Tryouts...I made the squad!! Yes!
hee hee
My mom at a bike race...and I think she actually enjoyed it
Family Beans
What I Learned at Ludwig's Corner Today:
-A crappy start and an unruly crash does not dictate how the race will play out.
-I can get sandwiched between two bikes, go down on the pavement, pick myself up & jump back in...unscathed (this time, thankfully).
-Clawing my way through the pack and making up time is possible after all...I am stronger than I thought.
-Running through the sand is probably more taxing and slower than riding it...yet, I am stubborn and I ran.
-The women's race doesn't get the same respect as the men's (what a revelation)...I doubt it's intentional, but the official made it very clear that the men were to stage 8 across, absolutely no overlapping in the grid.
When the women rolled out, we were smooshed probably thirteen across...not cool...and forget about relenting & taking the next row, it was a cluster f***...made for a sketchy start (locked handlebars, bumping wheels)...
The women were also told we'd have two minutes after the men, yet the gun went at about thirty seconds..."GO!" Uh, you mean NOW?! Love that.
-Doesn't the scheme of things, if I race smart and push myself harder, I'll rise above those details that create stress in the dreaded early moments following the start...
-Finishing in the top ten of my age group at a cross race is just as satisfying (perhaps even more) as making it to the podium at a mountain bike race. Perspective is key...look at the group we are racing. The field has grown considerably and the breadth of talent is downright impressive...I've gotten over the it's about chasing that fast group and doing my best.
-It's all relative...I love cross!
-Oh...and for those that think the women had an aggressive about the fella with the completely taco'd wheel? I believe he was running to the pit, from the start, dead last up the hill...Never give up.

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chunky monkey said...

I agree, we were at least 9 or 10 across the front too. It was tight.
One day maybe the wonen's race will be as respected as the mens. We already don't get a call up and they make us race at the back of the C men, which have close to 100 riders.
Ugh, sorry I could go on about this forever.