Saturday, November 10, 2007

Beacon, Baby!

I could post a photo of my mangled toe, but I won't... What a sad, sad girl I would be if I missed Beacon Cross... luckily, I made it. Thanks to nearly a whole roll of sports tape, 600mg of vitamin I, and toe-numbing temps, I sincerely felt alright. Not great, but alright. Lined up nonchalantly in row two, behind Nikki...I wasn't sure I would even be able to clip in smoothly at the start and I didn't want to bungle anyone's race. Naturally, the front group hustled away pretty quickly...tried to hang on, but didn't want to completely blow up, you know, two minutes into the race. Kristin G caught me and we worked back and forth for a lap...tried to work with her to bridge up to the front group, but she eventually dropped me. Lap 3 saw me trying my best to stay ahead of Katherin, inching closer with every breath (true to her word, gets stronger with each race)...Lap 3 was the toe-killer lap. The sand, the steps...ouch ouch ouch. The endorphins were running out of steam and the foot wasn't having any fun. Katherin advanced ahead of me and I followed some of her killer lines through the the time we reached the Amphitheater of Pain for our final death march, her long legs left me in the dust. I needed a grappling hook for my last attempt at the steps. Or Go-Go Gadget springs. Or an orange cape & superpowers! Something, man...I know I looked pitiful. I finished 7th... I finished. Beacon it.

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Kevin said...

Alright, Way to tough it out! I like to read that.

I rode like a champ on my busted shoulder, in the cold, windy rain...