Friday, November 16, 2007

The Claw

you can win a prize.
It just takes a little skill & determination.
A (not quite)three year-old can do it.
I wasted 4 quarters on one unsuccessful attempt...yes, it takes 4 quarters now. I went for the hideous orange cat.
My son waits his turns patiently.
My mom hands him a dollar bill.
I try to explain the control, the navigation of The Claw, if you will.
"Okay, mom."
He grabs the handle...I ready myself for the "It's a tricky machine...nobody ever actually wins a prize..." speech.
He presses the red button.
My mom and I stare, awestruck, as the Claw plucks the hideous Made-In-China Glittery Orange Cat from the mass of tacky stuffed animals.
Holy Shit!
The entire machine lights up, sirens blare (kind of).
Triumphantly, the kid hugs his prize close & proclaims it "Glittery Hippo."
Yes, he is missing an eye (the "hippo").
Bee Movie Review: (I must preface this by admitting I loathe going to the was my mom's idea. It is Friday...I'm out of ideas by Friday)
I laughed out loud.
Chris Rock (as the voice of the Mosquito) almost had me peeing my pants.
There were cute references to no less than 3 other movies I love (The Graduate, Airplane, and The Incredible Shrinking Woman).
Sting had a cameo.
And Ray Liotta...(as himself) in a self-deprecating courtroom scene (the bees sue the humans for exploiting their honey...oh, forget it).
Totally appropriate for young children, stunning graphics, great cast.
I sat in one place for nearly two hours and I enjoyed it.

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