Monday, November 12, 2007

Crossed Out

Back-to-backs got the best of me this time. Planted myself on the couch for nearly three solid hours... Three hours of complete laziness. I didn't even sleep...wait, I took a break from lazing to doze for about twenty minutes...then I woke up & resumed my zone of lounging. And I'm still tired. After my race yesterday, I took a mighty spill on the road, riding back from the bathrooms... don't ask, it's even more embarrassing than the toe incident. Luckily there was only one witness & he graciously asked if I was okay or if I needed help... "Um, yeah...I need a lot of help, clearly..." I hobbled my sorry ass & my bike back to the car, dejected & clumsy...the bike served as a handy crutch for the afternoon. So...a broken toe ("just a toe", but an extremity nonetheless), a little road rash & a blown up knee...two cross races (two stellar races...stellar conditions, stellar courses)...oh, and a kid with a stomach bug. A pale, puking kid. I think it's going to be a lazy week.


Anne Rock said...

Two freak accidents down, one to go? Weird stuff comes in threes. BE CAREFUL! See you in Trenton, hopefully in one piece.

kimmy said...

1)Lyme disease
2)broken toe
3)road mishap
that's my three, baby!