Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fair Hill Cross

...and they will still be smiling come December 'cause they are tough & they love cross
the mosh pit...I mean, sand pit
Let me paint a little picture of Fair Hill "Not Dead Yet" Cross for you...
A seemingly endless sandpit with the added features of horse poop and rubber mulch...and it was awesome.
A ghetto run-up with broken concrete and rusty rebarb sticking out (just a little, quit bitching ya sissies)...and it was awesome.
A tricky & completely ungroomed mess of a mulchy, rooty zig-zag...and it was awesome.
Nasty turns and sketchy bleachers...headwinds that could make you cry...
gnarly stretches of crunchy gravel...another sand pit complete with gnashy bits of sharp rock...stakes that nearly claimed an eye (my fault)...awesome, awesome, awesome.
I loved my race, my lonely no-man's-land was weird.
For the first lap, I struggled to make my way through the pack...I was feeling squirrely & odd. Finally made a little gap, but the front group was gone, gone, gone...damn! Thought about sticking with the second group and working with some girls in the wind, but...nope.
So, there I was...clamoring to grab the front five, pushing to make sure nobody else was breathing down my neck....
Initially, I felt lame about my race.
I didn't like my goofy near-misses, my lack of energy or finesse...but, then I got over myself (that happens often these days)...
I felt scrappy out there.
I tried my hardest to tear up that sand pit (and ran like hell when I couldn't ride the first stretch).
What I lacked in cool, I made up for in heart (that's my consolation at least).
And I didn't go down in the poop.
So...there you have it, my take on the very clever, very fun Fair Hill Cross.
Yes, it was chilly today. And windy.
So, we are all badasses...all 23 women who got their shit together and ventured out early (likely in the dark) this morning...for what? To race around and around and around an imaginative & challenging course. To chase. To play outside.
To come home and eat more chocolate!


Anne Rock said...

You wait to get home to eat chocolate? I cruised through the Dunkin Donut's drivethru faster than Kristy Swope rides a bike. See you in Bridgeton--have a great weak.

Suki said...

did somebody say chocolate???

for realz...where is it?