Sunday, November 25, 2007

Holiday Weekend

Thanksgiving (morning): Awesome hike in the woods, unbelievably beautiful day
Thanksgiving (dinner): Too sick to eat. What is the matter with me?? Flu? Lyme? Wednesday's Hurt Fest Cross Practice (thanks, Dr. Pain)?
Friday: Feelin better. Date with Jeff (first since August)...what should I wear?? Hmmm...jeans, twin six tee, zip-up sweater...Fancy, fancy date (Christmas shopping, late dinner)
Saturday: Feelin better still...
Rockin party at The Bowling Palace...I still suck at bowling.
"Lite" cross workout with BP...the toe feels weird. You know when you crack your knuckles by pulling them and it feels like your finger is kinda grossly hanging there? That is what my poor toe felt like with every rotation of my pedal. And for the record...I am not a knuckle-cracker, but I do have a little brother who used to torture me like that.
Saturday night: Dinner at new favorite thing to eat? Kitsune Udon. Yum yum yum.
A dangerously hot bowl of strangely delicious broth, hideously thick udon noodles, fried tofu triangles and heaps of veggies I cannot identify.
More, please.
Sunday: Red & White...French Creek...crossed the road for a little bonus loop (cut short by an endless stream of runners participating in the annual 15K Dirty Bird)...many friendly (and fast) faces on the trails (Bike Line "nemeses" Donna, Chris, John Williams, Elizabeth on her sparkling new Trek...fellow Beaners Ickes & Henderson)...Miller's Point was the place to be today.

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Kevin said...

I am a proud knuckle cracker!!!

I must say it is very inspiring to read you working through all of your ailments. Feel betta