Sunday, November 11, 2007

HPCX...Taping Toes & Brewing 'Spros

I'll forgo the "race report" in favor of some highlights (in no particular order)...
The Good Stuff:
-The course itself & the whole Rutgers crew...great job!
-The Rutgers Red Starting Grid (something about those neatly taped lines...)
-The weather today...seriously...sunshine, blue skies
-Hearing my name & words of encouragement during my race, seemingly all over the place (thanks Jess, Marc, dad, Megan...she doesn't even know me...)...what a boost, you have no idea.
-My sprint finish with a random C Guy...just because
-Chasing, chasing, chasing Kathrin (again!)...she made me work harder than I have all season. I needed weakness was mainly the wide turns. Now I have a new goal, a new obstacle to work on...thanks!
-Rad HPCX long sleeved tee-shirts
-Not having to rush home...not only did I get to see the B race, I got to hang out with Monkey, Anne, Nikki...caught up with Amy, who I haven't seen since 7 Springs
-My toe didn't hold me back (I firmly believe Kathrin would have beaten me anyway...she raced an awesome race)
-Fighting for a better result than yesterday & succeeding
-Not flatting after nearly bottoming out on the BRIGHTLY MARKED SPRAY PAINTED ORANGE hole
-Heated bathrooms
-BP's camping stove espresso The Not So Good Stuff
-Drama (ladies, it's supposed to be fun...must we really drop the F Bomb at each other at the finish line of an AWESOME race??)
-The officials pulling lapped women...some women were pulled after being lapped by the C leader. I understand their frustration's unfair because the C race is not the Women's race, they're not being lapped by their own leader. Not cool. Our field was 19 strong...take a cue from MABRA & give us our own race (and MABRA had call-ups for B Women at bout that?!)
-My dad got third (woo hoo BP!) in 55+ B Masters...yet, no podium, no recognition. Shame, about respecting our ELDERS???
Seriously...(yeah, yeah I'm biased cause he's my dad)...There is something to be said about being 55 (a grandfather for crying out loud) and kicking ass like that.
Great day, great race...
Maybe a week of rest & repair?
In my immediate future? An icepack, an advil, and more tape. The toe is looking gnarly.
No, the entire foot is looking gnarly...
Doc said, "Activity as tolerated."
My feet weren't that cute before I broke a toe anyway.
My bad...there was a podium for the granddaddies, but we were already on our way back to PA.
Thanks, HPCX!


fatmarc said...

about an hour after you guys left they called BP to the podium for the 55 plus.

great seeing you this weekend, great riding. keep at it...


Mark said...

Hey Kim!

Thanks so much for coming out on Sunday; it was a blast.

I'm sorry about the lack of 55+ podium. There should have been one. That was our mistake!

chunky monkey said...

You had a great weekend, toe and all. Your hardcore like that!

Kevin said...


breyla-la said...

Awesome! you were out there injured and all... speaks volumes. Toes are bad injuries even though so tiny! Tell BP thanks for the espresso! Giving my back-of-the-A-pack pre-race secrets away ;-D Hope to see you in Jersey!