Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mercer Cup...or "Cross...It Never Sucks"

Nikki & her podium that is classy & sassy
Just another autumn day in the park...stick around & you may see some skinsuit-clad lunatics battle it out and chase each other through a sandpit...maybe even clamber up a set of stairs and fly down an AstroTurf ramp...crazy shit!
"Well, one thing's for sure. I don't ever have to move up," my dad says, "55 plus is it!"
So that's a fly-over...
Fearless Leader payin his dues...
These are my cross family/friends...if you want to see the pros, check out Dennis or Michael Kirk.
I watched 4 inspiring races today: my dad's race (he finished a very respectable 5th in the company of National Champ Fred Wittwer & Richard Sachs...pretty cool lineup for him today), Lauri Webber mixing it up with the master men, Fatmarc (8th place...woohoo) and the Elite Women's Race (I was in awe).
The course: Demanding & fast.
My race: Aggressive and ten minutes too was weird racing only 30 minutes. Another lap easily could have bought me a spot or cost me a spot. Where else do you tear yourself apart & sprint for eleventh place?
Jessica Kates apologized for sucking my wheel (and subsequently kicking my ass) and I just cracked up..."Are you kidding me?! You had a great race, don't be so polite!"
New faces made for some interesting racing, that's for sure...
I realized something today while desperately trying to warm up on the windy open road...cross never sucks.
Pinning your number on your kit with freezing, numb hands sucks.
Warming up, solo, trying to get the heart rate up...trying to get the legs to fire, sucks.
Trouncing awkwardly through the sand on a warm-up lap with a stupid broken toe sucks.
Forcing down a Luna Bar or Sport Beans or Orange Gatorade at 8:30 in the morning sucks.
Shedding layers at the start grid sucks.
But, once the gun/whistle/shout commands you to go, everything magically stops sucking.
The legs fire, the body is warm, the gut is settled, the toe is fine...ahhhhh, I love that part.

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