Thursday, November 8, 2007

No Whining

The fellas bitched about the cold... Charlie was sporting his winter booties. Winter booties. It's kinda funny, just listen to this shit: Booties. Bibs. Knickers. Legwarmers. Skinsuit. So, was cold, there's even snow in the forecast, so I hear. Yes! My grandpop still loves to tell the story of when I was a three year-old, walking to Manoa Shopping Center with my mom, in the dead of winter ("It must have been twenty degrees!") hat, no gloves...unaffected, fine. So, maybe my mom needed a little practical parenting advice (I still insist the weed is what made me short & bad at math)...maybe she chose her battles carefully, like me with my own strong willed offspring ("Really? A full blown tantrum cause you don't want to wear a coat? Fine.'ll see.")... Doesn't matter. I was loved and now I'm tough. I like the cold. Thanks, mom. The scenery at BVA today was epic...the changing leaves, the setting sun... Practice, practice, practice. On the brink of a cold (back-to-back children's birthday parties will do that), hoping for the best. I discovered Strawberries & Cream Cold-Eez and they actually taste pleasant. Tomorrow night Jeff is teaching me how to make baked apples...I guess it's a treat?

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