Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Stop Sneezing at Me

I need some emergen-c... Seems everyone around me is sneezing & sniffling. Reaching for my pomegranate juice at work, I thought, "Wait, I didn't drink that much..." As I take a sip, Sean says, "I thought that was my bottle." Then, Aaacccchooooo.... Noooooooooo! Makes no difference, as I am feeling pretty lousy anyway...I am halfway through the antibiotics, but the Lyme symptoms are the same. Some people are like, "Lyme? Big deal...everyone gets it..." and some people are like, "Lyme disease?! Holy Shit, go to a specialist...you'll never be the same!" Crap... I have no tea. How did this happen?

1 comment:

Suki said...

I have tea...but am out of patience.


will this day end (without anyone bleeding)???