Saturday, December 1, 2007

Carlisle Cross

Confronted by a huge red tinsel bear at the gates, I knew it would be a fun race. Fun if you don't mind being caught in the wind between two groups...all alone, just me and the old school Christmas displays...paved, grass, paved, grass, hill, grass, hill, grass, barriers (oops...something about landing with my weight on that freaking toe is hardly pretty)... Weak start, chase chase chase, make some moves after the first climb, on my own, chase chase chase more more more...pick off a Squadra Coppi girl, sit on a guy's wheel, huff puff huff puff...last time around the pavilion, flat smooth...two girls dead more swoop around the grass to the paved flat finish...two wheel lengths ahead of me? a whole bike? I don't know because I am digging digging...mash mash...nope. Not today. Maybe tomorrow! Windy? Yes. No hiding from it anywhere... Cold? Yes...feeling returned to my fingers after two solid warmup laps. Dressing the part was all about survival today...overheating was not a concern. Full tights and a cozy wool jersey kept me toasty & comfortable... I am tempted to pack pretty much every piece of clothing I own for Reston...the forecast keeps changing. Had all the girls cheering for my dad today, but as he crossed the finish line (last in his group...just one of those days), he apologized for disappointing his "fans." Nonsense. I hope, I really sincerely hope, I inherited whatever it is that makes him want to go out there week after week after week and just kill it (in my opinion) doesn't come easy at my age (no matter how much I love it), what does 55 feel like??? Damn! Oh...did you know the Rutgers crew has their own van?? Their cross team travels in style, Pro a Rutgers Van. Sadly, I did not stick around to see the band (well, I had to get home and bake cookies for tomorrow and sit on my ass for a few hours while my kid naps)...hopefully my brother fared better than me & my dad at Carlisle (no, he wasn't racing...but, I can't imagine playing guitar outside on a day like today). He's tough (like his big sister).

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