Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clementines & Cookie Dough

More cookie dough than any two people should ever consume (certainly in one sitting)...

I had to put the bowl in the sink & pour dish soap all over it just to stop the madness.

Ummmmm...I am not even ashamed.

Suki came over my house today...we sat at the kitchen table and drank green tea. I am sure caffeine is just what the doctor ordered for my insomnia.

She looks nineteen.

My son hid from her in the closet, but wanted to know when she is coming back to see him.

She is tiny (and I watched her eat her weight in cookie dough...she asked for a plate. I knew she wasn't kidding...which is precisely why I am not surprised I want her to be my friend).

This afternoon I felt like I was at home on Christmas vacation, baking cookies & hanging out...

all that was missing was Goonies on HBO.


airing out said...

I got myself sick on cookie dough on Saturday. I justified it as quality control. But I sure felt sick for an entire day. YUM

Suki said...

oatmeal chocolate chip is da shiznit. I must've had ten unbaked cookies.

...felt soooooooo good.

looking forward to another face stuffing session again soon!!!!