Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Birthday Rob

my baby brother
Birthday gig at Spence
just a good picture of Andy
Me & his Wife, Renee
My little brother turned twenty-nine yesterday.
What we have in common:
Unruly hair
Unruly bicuspids (except mine were remedied with braces)
A love for all things Star Wars
Good taste in music instilled by our dad pretty much from birth
A creative & artistic spirit
A history of shared prank calls and (mostly) harmless mischief
A preponderance for taking over the DJ at pretty much any family event and even sometimes weddings
Nostalgia for the Gunks, Grandmom Erma's White Pizza, and Wednesday Nights in the Basement
My brother has drooled on me (on purpose, in front of potential middle-school boyfriends),
locked me into various bathrooms, sent friends running scared or grossed out from our home,
lit firecrackers in my first house, and slept with the space heater under his blanket in the house we grew up in together...
He broke the shower, shattered it actually...over an argument one morning before school...
He has punched more than one hole in a wall when I would not get off the phone...
He has pulled my hair, scratched my arms, and given me more charlie horses than one sister should ever have to endure...
He once spilled an entire can of chicken broth on yet another potential boyfriend for fun (who ended up marrying me anyway)
He drew a picture of me on his bedroom wall and proceeded to hammer it...
I witnessed a Patagonian Guinea Pig blatantly, purposefully pee on him at a Wildlife Sanctuary near Disney World.
He is a kick ass guitar player with a dangerously honest sense of humor and he is becoming such a cute dad...
Damn, he's TWENTY-NINE...
Love him!

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