Friday, December 14, 2007

Kansas City, Baby...Cyclocross Nationals 2007

All the king's horses & all the king's men couldn't put Kimmy's bike together again...
Relax...the plane won't go down with Kelly Cline on it.
Why am I always in a windowseat on the wing? Always. Welcome to Kansas City Beautiful to look at...sketchy to ride or walk under Surreal
"Excuse me, ladies, while you are walking the course, run for cover if you hear any limbs cracking." Tree limbs, right?
"What do you want to do tonight?"
"I know, I know!! Pin numbers!!" Yippee!!
62 million pins later...
The next morning...not much had changed.
It's official...we are here at Nationals
Crushed ice left me craving Bombay & Heed
I Heart My Natz-Mates!
( Kristin is singing a song so horrible it's good)
B 30-39 (we were kind enough to muddy the course up for them)
Post-race thaw (nothing beats bad champagne!)
Was it worth it?
Absolutely (and I think my travelling companions would agree wholeheartedly).
Want a race report?
Nahhh, I didn't think so...what more can I possibly say than Ice,, I can't even go there.
Slippery, crushed, hard like concrete, slicky ruts, mucky mud (though, we could have used a little more mud, a lot less ice)...The pictures don't even do it justice.
Truth be told, it was harder (and disheartening) to walk the course the day before the race...Race day brought us the pleasantly surprising realization that we would actually be riding everything.
I know Nikki was disappointed with her result (battled a chest cold & suffered more than her share of nasty up-close encounters with the ice), but rode an inspiring race, nonetheless. It was an honor to travel with (in my opinion) the True MAC Champ.
Kristin quite possibly rode her strongest race this season...she has an awesome attitude and I feel lucky to have gotten my ass kicked by her (again). We will definitely have fun duking it out next season, no doubt!
As for me, hearing Richard Fries announce with one lap to go, "Kim Dubeck of West Chester PA racing for the Beans Squad...sitting in the top fifteen..." not bad. Not bad at all.
What I brought home from KC:
A jellyfish shaped swollen bruise on my entire left outer thigh & hip thanks to wiping out on an icy (imagine that) left turn swooping around a popsicle of a tree.
A Flying Monkey tee-shirt and Kansas City cowbell for my son.
A really, really bad song (that I think I may actually like now) stuck in my head.
More safety pins than I'll ever need.
Gratitude for experiencing the most ideal dynamic between me & my travelling companions...I think I can safely say we all had a blast.
Bewilderment at the fact that we traveled halfway across the country to see the same familiar faces (and places, for that matter...having made no less than 2 trips to Target in a span of maybe 6 hours)...anything for cross, huh?
A rekindled love for the guiltiest of pleasures...Cinnabon.
Lastly...a little bit of sadness that the season, the horrifically fun & hard season, is over.
(okay, more than a little bit of sadness)
Thanks to my husband for being my Natz Sugar Daddy.
Thanks to Nikki for agreeing to this crazy adventure in the first place (I am waiting for my tee shirt, by the way)...
Thanks to Kristin for the cheap champagne & awesome soundtrack (Kristin also deserves special mention for her unwavering positive attitude when her bike failed to arrive in KC...I need to take a page from her book, as I would have been a bitchy, bratty, miserable wreck).
Thanks to Fatmarc for the pre-game pep talk.
Thanks to the fellas at the shop for walking me through Novice/Hopeless Bike Mechanic 101.
Thanks to BP for the vote of confidence & support...we all agreed he was the missing link at Nationals.
Thanks to my mom for making lunch for Tough Guy when I was struggling to keep it together amidst weather reports & flight cancellations.
Thanks to Kelly Cline for settling the pre-race jitters & for cheering on the Mid-Atlantic women.
Thanks to Catherine Powers for sharing the "I Belong Here Because I am Fast" affirmation with me.
Thanks to the man at Cinnabon for hooking us up with the freshies.


Sean Weide said...

Thanks for racing in Kansas City.

Kevin said...

Looks like you ladies had a good time!
It was so crazy.

Did ya'll partake in the after party?
I was kinda tipsy...