Sunday, December 2, 2007


This is a little demand I secretly made of myself this morning en route to Reston: Grab a wheel, any wheel...stay with the group no matter what...finish with the group Sounds simple...but, it is a struggle for me. Every race, that is my stumbling block. Why? Am I afraid of not sticking? Am I afraid of blowing up or getting spit out the back? Tangled up in a huffing, heaving mess? Yep. Pretty much. We were almost staged by bib numbers (which would have served me fine, but Jill Waggett would've been nearly last row) until the squeaky wheel in me piped up, "How about the top 5 for the series lines up first?...It's the final race, please show some respect..." (face reddening). The promoter replies, "Let me go check." Time to roll out... "These ladies will come to the line first, then the rest of you will follow." Yes! From GO, I glued (yes, glued) myself to Kristin Gavin... Three quarters into the first lap, the top 3 inevitably broke away (Elizabeth, Nikki, Jill)...I stayed in a group of five or six, then 3 of us pulled ahead. The battle was on for 4th until the final flat section in the grass...dropped Lynda, Kristin moved ahead and we sprinted to the line. Kristin took 4th and I was overjoyed to wrap up my first top five result in the MAC. So... It took an entire series to tap into that little piece of me that has been holding back. Today was definitely a breakthrough of sorts...I raced more confidently and aggressively than I thought possible (at this point) and I didn't take any unnecessary risks. Natural talent on the bike is something I honestly lack...I happen to love riding & racing. The quantity of my training is largely dictated by the fact that I am a mom first. Support has been greatly limited by the fact that my husband has been on a ridiculous stretch of overtime (which is blessedly coming to an end)...Securing one solid practice a week has been tricky, but we made it work. Anything beyond that was a bonus (a bonus I am incredibly thankful for). My goal was top ten overall...a lofty goal, perhaps (I mean, have you seen all the women out there this year?!), but it gave me a reason to dig a little deeper each race and suit up on the lousiest of days to practice. I believe I ended up 4th... I'm sure it gets better than this (and someday hopefully I will get there), but I am really, really happy about my '07 MAC experience. I watched my badass dad race an impressive season. I met some of the coolest people. Ever. All because of a bike.

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Kevin said...

Congrats on your breakthrough race ! Saving the best for last, leaving the series on a high note.
I saw you racing, and you did look very determined. I wanted to introduce myself, but you were in your car and I didn't want to run up onya whilst changing or something.

Maybe next time


I wore way too warm of clothing and burned the hell up!