Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sake Moms

Dinner at Kooma last night with the original "Mom's Group"...
except we no longer refer to ourselves as the Mom's Group, as we are simply friends.
I brought a package of homemade peppermint bark for each of them...Heather was a no-show, leaving me no choice but to eat her share on my way home.
About that peppermint bark:
First, obliterate a package of candy canes (I like to unwrap them, place them in a gallon size baggie & hammer the hell out of them with a mallet or a wooden rolling pin...you will destroy the kitchen table if you don't lay a dishtowel under the candy canes...actually, you'll destroy it anyway. Maybe the counter top is a better choice, but I happen to like the "We live here & enjoy bashing hard candy with a hammer" look).
In a pyrex bowl (or something microwave safe), empty a bag of white Wilton candy melts & microwave for 1 minute 30 secs.
Stir, microwave another 15-30 secs until completely melted.
Pour the melted "chocolate" onto a cookie sheet & sprinkle the crushed candy canes over it...refrigerate until set (doesn't take long).
Break up the candy (yes, more gratuitous breaking...indeed, a very stress-relieving activity),
Last year I tried to get fancy & "marbled" red candy melts & white candy melts...the results looked like a cross between busted up wax lips & the red wax from Gouda cheese. Stick with white candy melts...yummy & classy.
Want some?


Mark said...


I'm going to tweak it and make it tonight for some holiday party action!


Great job this season, Kim!

Anne Rock said...

I ate half a box of that peppermint bark stuff at school today and am still a wreck. Soooo goooood.

Have a great holiday!

Suki said...

I'm fat.

keep your vile recipes to yourself, lady!