Friday, December 28, 2007

Still In My Pajamas

My dad is twisting my arm to join a group (road) ride tomorrow... the words alone fill me with dread. I've said it rides (road, again) confound me. Creep down the hills with trepidation...blow myself up trying to get back to the group... I haven't even looked at the weather, I don't even know what the trails are like...if that's even an option. The road miles are inevitable. I am avoiding the inevitable... My cross bike is still boxed up (shame, shame) this afternoon, I will put the Mudhoney back together, clean the Kansas City muck, borrow a set of road wheels from BP and face the unavoidable... It's good for me. Oh...but, the woods... On a completely different note, I am soooo bad at pool. Last night I convinced my cousin to join me at Rex's to see my brother play...usually I only stay for a set, but it is so rare that we get together without our kids, so I was in no rush to leave. Many old friends were there (Brendan is getting married...Jeff is getting married...the pilot is married...Annie looks amazing & healthy) and somehow I got suckered into teaming up with Joe the Funky Drummer for a few rounds of pool. Ugh...I used to have some semblance of skill (my brother taught me well & with great patience). Not anymore. It's just a game...good company, okay beer (you know, one and a half pints is truly about all I can handle these days), good music. I will need a nap today.

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Suki said...

I say only "blecht. pooey," and "no way in hades" to road rides.

I'm a sissy. I prefer the hard objects I'm going to be landing on to be covered in moss, surrounding by ever-so-forgiving mud and unmotorized.